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July 24 at 6 PM EDT!

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  • Network with Peers: Connect with fellow laser enthusiasts, makers, and innovators from around the globe.
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Day One

Heather Bennett
Paint Kits + How They Can Be Morphed into Parties
Kathryn Ewers
Seal the Deal: Expert Tips on Packaging and Presentation
Dana Midkiff
Holiday Cheer: Scaling Success: Planning Backwards for Inspirational Growth
Liz Rivers
How to Master your Next Holiday Market + Engrave on Demand with Confidence
Shawna Armendariz
How to Make Resin Map Ornaments That Sell

Robin Faro
Crafting Custom Tumbler Wraps in LightBurn Software
Justin Laser
Embracing The Customer Funnel Framework

Day Two

Darryl Aspin 
The Maker's Naughty & Nice List: Tips for a Merry and Productive Holiday
Rich Faraone
Maximizing Your Laser Profit and Production While Limiting Waste
Robin Marsh
Heirloom Games for Q4: Designing Venetian Solitaire in Adobe Illustrator

Sarah Sewell
Seasonal Success: Strategies for Etsy Sellers to Boost Q4 Sales
Missa Braund Allen
The 5 Need-To-Have Product Photos for your E-Commerce Listing
Stephanie Murphy
Holiday Cheer: Adding Color to Your Laser Business with UV Printing
Kendra Chura 
Crafting a Festive Holiday Sign from Start to Finish
Chantz Axelson
How to Capitalize on Trends + Focus your Growth!

Day Three

Alex Sellite
Leveraging Tentpole Marketing to Build Your Business
 Heather Lynn Design Recycling: One Idea, Many Uses
Victoria Martin
The Hat Bar Craze
Callie Goodwin
Cracking the Code: Transforming TikTok Creator Insights into Business Gold!
Crystal Aguila
Customizing an Ornament File & 5 Tips for Seizing Your Viral Moment
Michael Mullins
Product Centric vs Customer Centric Laser Engraving Business Models.. Can you be both?
Will Louie
Coming soon

Join Us for the Closing Call!

July 27 at 4 PM EDT!

Here’s why you should be there:

  • Celebrate Together: Reflect on the amazing insights, innovations, and inspirations we've shared over the past three days.
  • Huge Giveaways: We'll announce the winners of our spectacular giveaways! You could be one of the lucky ones walking away with incredible prizes.
  • Highlights and Takeaways: Recap the best moments from the summit and gather valuable takeaways to apply to your own laser-making journey.

Join us live on July 27 at 4 PM EDT. Let’s end this amazing journey together!